To our wonderful scribes: THANK YOU!

Let's celebrate your hard work! 

Our Scribe Recognition Program was designed to identify and showcase all of our amazing employees. We're looking for scribes that embody the PhysAssist Honor Code: Sincere, Caring, Responsive, Innovative, Balanced and Efficient. 



The program consists of three tiers, the first being the Scribe Spotlight. Not only are physicians and corporate employees able to give a Spotlight, but scribes will be able to recognize their teammate's hard work as well. 

The second tier is the Scribe of the Month (SOTM). The winners of SOTM are selected from the pool of Scribe Spotlights. Each month a winner from every division will be announced via the Scribe Industry Blog and will win a special gift from corporate. 

The final tier of our Scribe Recognition Program is Scribe of the Year (SOTY). This individual is selected from the SOTM winners and is voted on by the entire corporate office. The SOTY will get to come to Fort Worth to meet their Ops team members as well as attend the PhysAssist end of year party to receive special recognition.


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What is the Scribe Spotlight?

Scribe Spotlight is a recognition program designed to identify and showcase all of our amazing employees.

What qualifies as a Spotlight?

A Spotlight can be given to anyone who goes above and beyond their normal scribe job duties. They make a great representative of the scribe team, PhysAssist Scribes, and the facility in which they work. These individuals exude qualities mirroring the PhysAssist Honor Code: Sincere, Caring, Responsive, Innovative, Balanced, Efficient. They also show attributes of being a role model and mentor to their fellow scribes, while displaying patterns of professional development.

Who can submit a name for Scribe Spotlight?

Anyone! If you are a scribe, you can nominate someone. If you are a corporate employee, you can nominate someone. Even physicians can nominate their scribes! Please note: A scribe cannot submit their own name for the Scribe Spotlight. The “Nominator” field is required for this reason, but your name will be kept confidential.

When can I submit a Spotlight?

Anytime a scribe does something worth being nominated, you can submit their name using the webform.

How I am notified that I received a Spotlight?

Every Friday, each HRG will notify the Spotlight winners for their teams via email (cc’ing the respective CSC or CSM). This email will include what the Spotlight is for as well as a notice that they are eligible to be Scribe of the Month for their Division.


What is Scribe of the Month?

Scribe of the Month (SOTM) is a recognition program for our hard working employees. A SOTM winner will be awarded for each division (8 total) every month.

Who can be SOTM?

Anyone who has received a Spotlight during the previous month is eligible to become Scribe of the Month.

How/When is SOTM decided?

The Human Resources Department (HR) will collect all spotlight recipients information for the previous month and present it to the respective Ops team to vote on SOTM. The respective Ops team (consisting of the HRG, CSM, CSC, DSC, Scheduler, Recruiter, DTM, TCA) votes on their SOTM around the 25th of each month for the next month.

How/When is SOTM announced?

SOTM will be announced between the 1st and the 5th of the month via PhysAssist’s blog. Each month will be a little different because of when SOTMs are decided and how weekends fall.

How/When are SOTM winners notified?

Winners will be notified prior to the announcement to the scribe population and corporate office. The respective HRG will call and email the scribe notifying them of their win. The HRG will also get the scribes mailing address, T-shirt size, interview and photo for the blog. PhysAssist Execs will also call the individuals winners to congratulate them.

What do SOTMs win?

They win a gift bag of Phys Gear.The prize is sent to the SOTM recipient within 24 hours of them being notified.


Who can become a Scribe of the Year?

Those who are Scribe of the Month Winners are eligible to become Scribe of the Year (SOTY). Shortly after the SOTM for December are announced, each Ops team will nominate one scribe from all of their SOTM winners as a SOTY finalist.

Who decides Scribe of the Year?

The entire corporate office will vote on who will become the SOTY from the finalist. Once the finalist are decided, HR will notify the scribe and have them create a video on why they should be nominated for Scribe of the Year. These videos along with a blurb about the scribe will be feature in a webform for all corporate employees to view and then vote.

When will SOTY be decided?

The Scribe of the Year will be decided prior to the Christmas holiday. For 2015, the deadline for the decision is December 23rd.

When will SOTY be announced?

The Scribe of the Year will be announced between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

What does the SOTY win?

They win a trip to the corporate office to meet their Ops team members. They will also attend the Corporate Holiday Party where they will receive a Blue Award.



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