PhysAssist is hiring staffing coordinators!

Job Description Overview

The Staffing Coordinator (SC) is responsible for managing appropriate and effective staffing levels and quality schedules for all teams within the assigned area and is the direct supervisor of the assigned group/regional Schedulers. He/she ensures adherence to proper procedures and carries out assistance with any troubleshooting. He/She is responsible for gathering staffing information on a weekly basis for Regional Staffing Manager (RSM) review and ensures delivery of work products (hires and schedules) in an effective and timely manner.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manage Staffing Levels by creating and maintaining staffing models for each assigned site using historical data, conducting weekly audits of staffing spreadsheets for accuracy, ensuring execution of staffing model plans through requisition planning and staffing reports/metrics.
  • Attends and prepares information for any meetings pertaining to the groups’ teams, including but not limited to: Ops, Implementation Ops, and Stakeholder Meetings, along with proper communication of staffing needs/plans with stakeholders (Ops Managers, Onboarding Coordinators and Recruiters)
  • Manage Staffing Planning and Oversight for all new and terminating locations (Implementation sites, De-Install locations, etc.), including any scribe communication needed
  • Monitors shift times and ensure coverage requests are executed and communicated
  • Communication with scribes for soliciting status changes, clinic or outlying site coverage, CTS recruitment, team split changes, de-installs, new facility coverage, future status changes and future resignations
  • Coordinates CTS resources for new sites, including traveling CTSs and local assistance needs
  • Works with HR and Payroll to maintain accurate employee status of scribes in HCM, including transfers and status changes
  • Oversee Schedulers and ensure timely completion and quality for all assigned scribe schedules, and all scheduling responsibilities that are applicable to schedule generation
  • Manages the effectiveness for all schedulers through the use of schedule checklist, quality audits and metrics
  • Oversee daily activities of the Schedulers including performance and adherence to proper policy/procedure, including PTO and timecard approval
  • Manages training/timelines and spillover of new personnel including troubleshooting issues regarding hiring, scheduling, and training for new schedulers within their group
  • Carries out continuing development for all team members and initiatives for improvement
  • Must be available to work at the corporate office a minimum of 1 business day per week

Qualifications / Experience

  • College degree preferred, or some college coursework completed
  • Minimum of 6 months scheduling experience preferred
  • Must have strong organizational skills with attention to detail, as well as strong leadership skills
  • Must have positive communication skills and demonstrated adequate maturity

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